Sticky Notes, Week of 9/28-10/1/15

Freestyle Fridays The kids had a fun day painting: hair, hands, and faces — as well as art! 2-Day 2-Day had their first field trip to Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch this week. We also met Farmer Joe who greeted us with a fuzzy caterpillar and a corn stalk to investigate. We enjoyed tasty tea sandwiches and oranges fromContinue reading “Sticky Notes, Week of 9/28-10/1/15”

Sticky Notes with Sticky Pics, Week of 9/14-9/18/15

What Happened in Class this Week?   2-Day 2-Day is settling in with many kids, and parents, bravely parting ways after morning circle for the first time. Our Moms and Dads are already supporting each other’s children, especially the ones who are having difficulty adjusting to their parents dropping them off. Great co-op spirit!     Some highlights include a watermelonContinue reading “Sticky Notes with Sticky Pics, Week of 9/14-9/18/15”