Sticky Notes with Sticky Pics, Week of 9/14-9/18/15

What Happened in Class this Week?
2-Day is settling in with many kids, and parents, bravely parting ways after morning circle for the first time. Our Moms and Dads are already supporting each other’s children, especially the ones who are having difficulty adjusting to their parents dropping them off. Great co-op spirit!  
Some highlights include a watermelon snack from Erin​ at closing circle, music class with teacher Julie, amazing play dough from Megan and lots of water play. Also, there are awesome photos taken by Kellie and uploaded to our Shutterfly share site. A special thank you to both Jackie and Lesley for volunteering to sub for our sick snack mom Stacey.  Thank you to everyone!
2day 2day2 2day3
The first two weeks for 3-Day are coming to a close, and what an exciting two weeks it has been! Our sticky friends were able to wash dinosaurs with soap and water using a toothbrush, create glue art, make awesome formations out of kinetic sand, build towers, paint, and most of all enjoy the play yard outside in this epic heat wave. Although rain is in the forecast it won’t stop us from exploring outside! 
An exciting snack day in the first week was eating hard boiled eggs. For those not used to eating them on a regular basis they were amused to peel off the shell, each one very slowly and one tiny piece at a time!
Looking forward to a great week 3 and continuing to learn about our fellow sticky friends!
What an action packed week for Pre-K! The kids enjoyed hiking though “Bubblegum” meadow and seeing a family of banana slugs in the creek. On another outing, the kids were thrilled to see the older after-school group re-enforce the bridge over the creek. It was a great blend of preschoolers and middle schoolers in a natural setting! Up in the yard, Pre-K enjoyed painting a house and playing with sand and water. One of the highlights included chasing and playing around with “Super Travis” (Ryland’s dad), who engaged a large group of kids in collaborative play!
Back in the classroom, the kids enjoyed taking turns during circle time, as well as drawing in their notebooks while listening to music. This week’s art projects included finding letters to spell out their name on paper, as well as drawing with markers attached to power drills.
Pre-K ended the week with their first field trip: the Belmont library. Marci, the librarian, gave the class a sneak peak to how the books are processed and separated once returned into the automatic book return. They were also given a tour around the library, finishing up with story time in the children’s area. After a snack on the terraced outdoor eating area, the kids enjoyed playtime in the playground, as well as working hard to construct magical structures with the outdoor foam blocks. 
 prek1 prek2 prek3 prek4 prek5
Freestyle Fridays
The trend continues of becoming acquainted with each other. One special moment was for Myles to sit and talk with his new friends on his first day. One of the highlights for the class is being able to take turns and hold the water hose in the yard!
Announcements & Acknowledgements 
* Special thanks to Erin and Suzanne for an awesome party!!!!
* Class photos will be taken at the start of each class on:
Thursday, 9/24 for 2-Day and PreK and
Friday, 9/25 for 3-Day and Freestyle Friday
Please plan to have your child there right at class start time for the group photo.  Bunker Hill shirts of all colors and styles are encouraged but not required.  Following class photos our photographer, Chloe Jackman will take a few individual shots of each child.  If you’d like to bring a change of clothes (i.e. a shirt) that the child could quickly change into for the individual photo, that would be fine.  
For kids in 2-Day, 3-Day or Pre-K and Freestyle Fridays, their individual picture will be taken during the “Day” class. If your child is only attending FF they will have an individual photo taken then.