Resiliency at Bunker Hill

Ironically at our last Membership meeting we had a guest speaker for Parent Education on the topic of Resiliency and our Children.  We had no idea then how rapidly things would change and become a challenging time in our world.  Cheers to our Bunker Hill teachers, Kelly Bower, Vanessa Degrazia-Nielsen, Beau Hamada and Sarah Bustin for reaching through screens to keep our children connected.  This is excellence in Preschool Teaching, and Role Modeling Strength and RESILIENCE!  🥰 ⭐️

Temporary Closure Due to COVID-19.


Though we’ve had to pause our in-person fun due to COVID-19, our thoughtful teachers aren’t letting that stop the fun for our sticky friends: take home activity kits, online member content led by the teachers and Zoom interactive Sessions.  Stay Healthy Everyone and we hope to see you soon!  😊