Sticky Notes with Sticky Pics, week of 9/21-9/25/15

Freestyle Friday

FF had another fun class this week! They had their pictures taken and enjoyed a visit from very friendly dog in the meadow! They also had fun in the yard, playing with cars and enjoying the outdoors!

IMG_8280 IMG_8281


This week was all about the color RED. We wore red, we listed red objects found in the classroom, and we painted red apples and fire trucks. 2-day also had some serious car washing bubbly fun this week up in the yard.

IMG_8286 IMG_8287 IMG_8288


3-Day had music with Renee and had a blast with the parachute in the meadow. Many children in the class are discovering a shared love of trains. Parents have been helping them build really long tracks. On Friday, Teacher Mie read When Sophie gets Angry — Really. Really Angry by Molly Bang. The book seemed to resonate with the class. And as usual, 3-Day sang a lot of songs, especially the “Birthday Song”!


Pre-K had another exciting week of adventures! Circle time seems to be an exciting time, with activities such as spelling their names using stickers on paper plates, doodling, and doing self-portraits all while listening to updates from their friends. It was also a fun time for the kids to channel their inner peace by doing yoga with teacher Kelly after snack. It was a much needed break before going up to yard on a hot day!

Ollie’s mom (Wendy) organized a game of baseball in the meadow right at the start of class, so it was a nice change of pace for the kids! Last week we celebrated Isla’s 5th birthday, and this week we had a double header birthday celebration for Erin and Tyler! The kids enjoyed their goodies and the tasty treats!

A highlight of the week is when Pre-K went to outer space! A majority of the class partook in a large role-playing adventure, where all kids boarded a spaceship (under the loft) with their space boarding passes, space food, and proper safety restraints. Teacher Kelly joined the group in this epic adventure to the Planet “Pig-ala-plata-muds”, where the kids were greeted by a very friendly space pig. Piggy invited the space cadets to a wonderful picnic spread on his lovely planet. It was quite the adventure and an exciting example of great collaborative play.

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