Discover our Campus

Discover our Campus

Bunker Hill Parents Participation Nursery School offers an unparalleled campus experience with three indoor classrooms, an expansive meadow, an extensive enclosed yard, and footsteps to a trailhead to explore a 93-acre unspoiled nature preserve. Check out our Gallery for more photos of our campus.

Art Room

Art and self-expression abounds in our indoor art room. With vast art resources, children are encouraged to create, explore and play with art. Heaps of glitter, shaving cream, paint, and glue add to the multi-sensory learning program.

Big Room

This is just a glimpse of the Big Room, showing the indoor kitchen and shopping market as well as a sensory table. The Big room also features a loft, an under loft area, circle time rug and walls lined with toys and activities. There are large blocks to create forts, structures to climb on and through and plenty of space for dress up costumes and music.

Discovery Room

Children are encouraged to create and explore in a multitude of learning environments in the Discovery Room. The walls are lined with bins for matching, sorting, counting and building games as well as tracks for trains and cars.

The Yard

Bunker Hill’s extensive yard is a cornerstone on campus as its sheer size offers so many environments for play. Children delight in sensory experiences at the outdoor mud kitchen, dig and build foam rivers in the huge sandbox, tend to the plant garden, hang from the monkey bars, climb the treehouse and sing and act in our amphitheater under heritage oak trees. Book a tour to see all aspects of our fabulous enclosed upper yard.

The 93 Acre Woods

Nestled behind our school, a private trailhead leads to a 93-acre nature preserve. Children hike the trails, identifying flora and spotting banana slugs along the way.

The Meadow

The lower yard features an expansive meadow for a variety of exploration – a titmouse house, gopher mounds, giant rope bubbles, rainbow yarn trails, bug hunts and more.

Fanny Hill

Children exercise their gross motor skills, explore wildlife and plants, and connect with the beautiful surroundings. From crossing bridges, creek walking, or climbing up and sliding down the favorite slope nicknamed “Fanny Slide Hill,” our children always enjoy hiking in this outdoor classroom.