Bunker Hill Parents Participation Nursery School’s mission is to provide emergent curriculum to foster children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. Through our play-based philosophical approach, we strive to advance the independence, self-confidence, education, and problem-solving skills of our youth. Nurturing these developing capacities leads to success well beyond the preschool years. 

Our visionary leadership differentiates us, providing children with both indoor and an extraordinary outdoor classroom connecting us to nature. Play in our natural surroundings promotes creativity and imagination, activates our senses and sparks a unique sense of wonder. Through parents participating in the classroom, families gain a greater understanding and appreciation of their child’s development. 

Our school thrives through a close and inclusive connection with our community, and expert childhood development knowledge of our staff. We value our teachers and the communities we serve, inspiring our membership through parent education. Operating on a not for profit basis, we benefit our local communities by providing exceptional preschool programs available to all income levels. We pride ourselves on the lasting community bonds built within our membership, the greater local community, and network of fellow cooperative preschools. True to the motto of our banana slug mascot, Bunker Hill is where sticky friends are quickly made.