Sticky Notes, Week of 9/28-10/1/15

Freestyle Fridays

The kids had a fun day painting: hair, hands, and faces — as well as art!


2-Day had their first field trip to Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch this week. We also met Farmer Joe who greeted us with a fuzzy caterpillar and a corn stalk to investigate. We enjoyed tasty tea sandwiches and oranges from Jen in festive bags complete with stickers.  On the hay ride we were treated to a handful of mint pulled straight from the field. All the children chose pumpkins and then climbed up onto piles of hay and tractors and under vine arches and corn stalk huts. We brought back a huge crate of warty pumpkins to share! Amazing pumpkin selection (cash only btw.) Back in the classroom it was YELLOW week… Next we are on to BLUE!

IMG_8541 IMG_8540 IMG_8539 IMG_8538


The rain has convinced our banana slugs to come out to play! 3-Day had a blast playing entomologist in the yard on Wednesday!

IMG_8549 IMG_8550


Hello October, hello Halloween! Pre-K started each class day with the song “Spider on the Floor”, where a brave volunteer moves a pretend black window spider from head to toe, while the rest of the class does their opening circle activity. 
For art activities, the kids decorated wooden planes and pumpkin, made little robots, paper plate spiders, and haunted houses! 
With the change in the weather, the class saw some banana slugs on their hikes.
To go along with the Halloween theme, the class went on a hunt for zombies and some “camped out” in the treehouse in the yard with a lantern telling spooky stories. 
The finale for this week involved having each kid perform a special “move” on the stage!
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