Board of Directors


Alexis Kanodia


Alexis is our fearless leader with excellent taste in ice cream. Coming through Bunker Hill with her second child, she is excited to return to the 93 acre woods, the yard, and good old-fashioned muddy fun! Alexis brings vision and foresight to our school, coordinating with our landlord, teachers and staff, and membership to make sure everything runs smoothly. When we are faced with a challenge, we turn to Alexis’s organization, problem-solving, and care for our school!

Monica Spitzer

Vice President of Membership

As the Membership VP, Monica takes care of applications and enrollments. She welcomes new families to the school through the enrollment process. In her free time, she is usually at the beach, spending time with her horse and cats, or doing an art project with her preschooler.  

Pam Moscini


Pam was born and raised in San Mateo and is an alumna of Bunker Hill! She so is excited to bring her son to Bunker Hill and continue the family tradition. When she’s not at school, you can find her slinging pizzas in San Carlos. Pam takes the attendance for Board and Membership meetings keeps the minutes for Board meetings. She’s also in charge of keeping up membership and emergency contact lists, daily sign-in sheets, and the school calendar.

Lauren Stewart


Lauren is a preschool teacher turned doula turned treasurer, and we are so grateful to have her! When she isn’t knitting, you can find her working with the Treasurer’s Assistant, chairing the Finance Committee, and acting as the main fiduciary officer for the school. She works with the co-presidents and director to create and present the annual budget. She balances the books, keeps financial records in order, pays the bills and distributes salaries, and advises on membership on scholarships availability.

Lauren Parris


The Parliamentarian keeps the By-Laws and Standing Rules in order. They update Board approved amendments with transparency so that membership is aware of any updates to our policies. The parliamentarian is also the organizer and main contact for our school’s communication platform, konstella. So reach out here if you have any questions about how to access or use that feature!