Board of Directors


Alexis Kanodia


Alexis is our fearless leader with excellent taste in ice cream. Coming through Bunker Hill with her second child this year, she is excited to return to the 93 acre woods, the yard, and good old-fashioned muddy fun! Alexis brings vision and foresight to our school, coordinating with our landlord, teachers and staff, and membership to make sure everything runs smoothly. When we are faced with a challenge, we turn to Alexis’s organization, problem-solving, and care for our school!

Jordan Majewski


Our co-leader this year, Jordan is entering her third year as a parent at Bunker Hill. She co-chairs the Executive Committee as well as sitting on the Finance Committee. Jordan leads membership meetings, updates the website, and runs our instagram account. Jordan is an East Coast transplant and loves the opportunity her child has to hike and play at Bunker Hill in the California sunshine!

Katherine Garner

Vice President of Membership

Katherine is often the first face you’ll meet at Bunker Hill! She is in charge of prospective information and visits, applications, and enrollment. When she’s not elbow deep in paperwork for Bunker Hill, you can catch her running half marathons all over the peninsula or doing yoga with goats in Half Moon Bay.

Kellie Schmitz

Vice President of Participation

Kellie is going through Bunker Hill with her third daughter, after attending herself as a child! She loves to bring her creativity and crafting skills to our school. Kellie creates the teaching day schedules, coordinates maternity/ family leave, and organizes family weekend cleans. She also aggregates a substitute list to assist members cover teaching days from parents outside of their class.

Jennifer Peck


Jennifer was born and raised on the peninsula, and she is excited to bring her daughter to school at Bunker Hill so close to where she grew up. Jennifer takes the minutes and attendance for Board and Membership meetings and keeps us on track! She’s also in charge of keeping up membership and emergency contact lists, daily sign-in sheets, and the school calendar.

Lauren Stewart


The Treasurer, working with the Treasurer’s Assistant, chairs the Finance Committee as the main fiduciary officer for the school. They organize and present the annual budget in September keeping the Board and membership updated throughout the year. They balance the books, keep financial records in order, pay the bills, deposit receivables, distribute salaries, manage reimbursements, and create up-to-date reports. They follow up with outstanding payments, advise on scholarship availability, and assist in matters pertaining to insurance policies.

Laura Mizuha


As the Parliamentarian, Laura keeps the By-Laws and Standing Rules in order. She updates Board approved amendments with transparency so that membership is aware of any updates to our policies. Laura is the school’s internal checker and equity manager, maintaining and communicating the culture of Bunker Hill to our membership.

Kate Ramacciotti

Jobs Coordinator

Kate manages the family job assignments, a foundational cornerstone to our co-op organization. She’ll assign your family a job at the beginning of the year and orient you to your workgroups and duties. Kate also works with the Director to keep a careful watch over our school ensuring that nothing in terms of facility and class maintenance falls through the cracks. As Job Coordinator Kate is here to help: give helpful tips, troubleshoot challenges with your job, or offer suggestions on how to make up missed obligations.

Britt Nagelmeyer

Fundraising / Publicity Chair

When wearing her publicity hat, Britt coordinates our presence at preschool fairs and manages our facebook page and advertising. While handling fundraising, she coordinates a team of two fundraising volunteers who help create fun and low-pressure fundraising opportunities for Bunker Hill. Originally from Los Angeles, she enjoys sewing and sorting through bins of LEGO in her free time.