Sticky Notes with Sticky Pics, Week of 10/5-10/9/15

What an adventurous week filled with pumpkin patch visits, a petting zoo in the meadow, and pirate adventures in the yard! 

What Happened in Class This Week?

Freestyle Fridays

Ahoy Mateys! FF had a Pirate day where kids dressed up as pirates! Teacher Kelly and her crew pretended the loft was a pirate ship. The class did a lot of fun crafts: ships, making hooks from tree branches, and playing with every Lego piece in the entire school. Up in the yard, the kids had a treasure hunt using a map to find the hidden treasure. The sand pit had the treasure, marked with a big “X”. The little pirates then dug up their treasure: pirate coins! Shiver me timbers!

IMG_8768 IMG_8774 IMG_8775 IMG_8767


2-Day began the week wearing blue, cleaning baby dolls, and making a “Thank you” card for Farmer John. Thursday was packed with fun including the amazing egg shell book tower by Teacher Berta, pumpkin drilling by special guest Teacher Kelly, and music class with Teacher Julie!

IMG_8789 IMG_8788


The Little Explorers Mobile Petting Zoo came to visit 3-Day! They had a wonderful set-up in the meadow where the kids had a chance to get close with the friendly creatures. 

IMG_8783 IMG_8782 IMG_8781


The fun continues in Pre-K! The kids helped the Yard Team by shoveling fresh playground mulch into wheelbarrows and scattering it throughout the yard. The following day, the class went to Lemos Farm Pumpkin Patch. The kids took a hayride, rode the train around the farm, and visited the Haunted House (multiple times)! Tasty snacks in cute Halloween themed bags were a hit. The kids then either took a pony ride or burned off energy in the bounce houses. 

On Thursday, the class learned about earthquakes and did an earthquake drill, followed by making pretend earthquake kits. The kids also continued working alongside with the school-agers (from Highlands and Borel Middle School) . This relationship has been a highlight for Pre-K, as the kids enjoy playing with the older kids. The class visited the amazing fort made by the school-agers on the hiking trail and brought pumpkins and drills to drill holes into the pumpkins. And the best way to end a fun school week: a chocolate pudding paint fight! 

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