Sticky Notes, Featuring Sticky Pics: First week of School (9/8-9/12)

Welcome to our first issue of Sticky Notes,
featuring Sticky Pics!
The first week of school went well, with many smiling kids enjoying seeing friends, new and old! The kids had fun at the Back to School Social, painting boots, chasing magical bubbles, and hanging out with friends and family in the meadow. The Social Committee sends a special thanks to all who came, especially to those who helped during the event!
What Happened in Class this Week?
Teacher Berta said this year’s class was her best first-day class to date! The children had a chance this week to get acquainted with each other, the school, and the yard. In the yard, there was splash time in the kiddie pool, which was a delightful treat in to the heat.
The 3Day class had a fun time returning back to the classroom, as well as welcoming new friends! The class was treated to a colorful and tasty snack provided by Ozan’s mom Elif. The kids also enjoyed learning Teacher Mie’s songs.
The kids in PreK were excited to catch-up and to meet two new friends. During circle time, there was excitement to share updates about everything and anything. The art room was packed at times, as the class tried out the various projects with attentiveness. This week’s favorite art project involved painting with drills. Juniper’s mom heard Tyler stating he needed a larger work area to continue his project, though rather than asking for help, he joined two pieces of paper together with tape and proceeded with his art. Problem solved!! 
Despite the three very hot afternoons in the yard, the class found ways to cool off by jumping, splashing and digging in the sand pit filled with colorful water. The water slide was also a hit, if not the highlight activity up in the yard! The class was treated to two days of delicious popsicles and rounds of water. Hayden took over the responsibility of serving water in dixie cups to his friends and took his newly (although very temporary) job very seriously! 
Quote of the week: “Best day ever!!!” – Elliot (after enjoying a popsicle and splashing in the sand pit pool).
Freestyle Fridays
This year’s FF class welcomed a group of new students, as well as returning FF students. They loved painting with the drill for their art project, as well as getting familiar with the classroom and with each other. Up in the yard, there was some magic brewing in the kitchen and puppets at closing circle!
* Membership Meeting: Wednesday, September 16th, from 7-10pm.
* CPR/First Aid/AED Class: Please see Nikki’s Evite if interested in registering for the Oct. 3rd class.