Sticky Notes with Sticky Pics, Week of 11/2-11/6/15

Gone are the long days of sunshine and heat in San Mateo, but that doesn’t stop Sticky Kids from enjoying our wonderful outdoor playground! Our little ones had a busy week, adjusting to the time change, the arrival of rain, and a change in the weather in general!

What Happened in Class This Week?

Freestyle Friday

Soap, sand, dirt, water, and glitter – all the basic elements to have loads of fun up in the yard at Bunker Hill. What more can the kids ask for?

IMG_9773 IMG_9772


2-day had a great week with parachute tosses, acorn origami faces, circle time activities, and a sand volcano!  We also welcomed our new sticky friend Angela!  It was so wonderful to see all the kids really exploring and feeling comfortable in their school this week, great job everyone!  

Parents night out was super fun and I can’t wait to do it again.  Mark your calendars.  The next night out will be December 1st at 7pm, location TBD (suggestions welcome.) —Melissa

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Monday was a day of firsts. The kids donned colorful raincoats and splashed in puddles to welcome the first rain of the season. Instead of going out to the yard after snack, Teacher Mie and rain-booted parents led the kids on the first creek walk. (Okay, so a handful of kids led the way, half the time.) Banana slugs, in their flashy yellow coats greeted sticky friends, gently reminding us that they are indeed the school mascots. We closed a magical day with a short hike to the fort in the woods, built by middle-school kids from the after-school program next door. Teacher Mie read a story, whilst Lilly Lewis offered masking-tape bracelets to all who would agree. Sreda took the adornment a step further by wrapping herself in a masking tape corset for all to enjoy. Who says kids have to stay indoors when it rains?

Wednesday was filled with fun arts and crafts, as the kids decorated tree branches and sticks. Teacher Berta substituted on Friday and 3-day enjoyed hearing about plants and how they grow. Natallia brought in some unique plants that can trap and eat spiders and inserts, which was exciting for the kids to see! At snack, the class enjoyed making their own burritos and ended the week by making two LARGE volcanoes in the sand pit with Teacher Berta!

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Pre-K welcomed a new friend this week – Ryan! On Monday, the rain earlier in the day made for an interesting hike around Bubblegum Meadow. Pre-K made some dazzling Dia de los Muertos crafts from paper plates and discussed the meaning behind the holiday. On Tuesday, the class went the Hiller Aviation Museum for a field trip, where they got to see model planes and watch planes take off and land from an observation deck. 

The class had other exciting projects. include painting diyas for Diwali (Alisa’s PPP) and making dioramas. We celebrated Kathryn’s 5th birthday at the start of the week and wished Lesley (Isla’s mom) a happy birthday as well. The kids were kind and thoughtful and made Lesley a wonderful “cake” at closing circle. 

The class ended the week with an impromptu ribbon parade/performance in the discovery room, where the kids danced around the table and engaged audience members to either join in the ribbon parade or play music for the performers. And of course, who could forget a game of Good Guys vs Bad Guys, lead by Teacher Kelly? 

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