Shop and Save for Bunker Hill

From October 12-19th, Bunker Hill is participating in Tea Collection’s School Days. Just click on the image below, or visit, and enter SDF16BUNKERHILL at checkout to earn 15% off your purchase, free shipping, AND Tea Collection will make a donation of 15% of your purchase to our school.


Easy and stylish–shop early and often!

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Teacher’s Wish List

What is the Teacher’s Wish List?

Traditionally, at the end of each school year, families donate a book to Bunker Hill as a parting gift. It is absolutely voluntary. Our teachers created a wish list of books for BH to keep our library current with new books. This year, the teachers also added parent education books that all parents are welcome to use from the school library.

Please visit our Bunker Hill’s Teacher’s on Amazon, by clicking here.

Thank you for supporting our wonderful school!