Discovery Room Transformation!

No wonder the kids at Bunker are so creative, dynamic…

Check out how some of our parent-volunteers transformed part of our space into a mystical playground sure to launch imaginary adventures into beyond!  Special thank you to Danielle Boinay, Creative Director and Jane Torkaman for the weekend of work!

It’s Tea Time!

Bunker Hill + Growing Children = glitter/glue/paint/mud-stained clothes that are too small!

Check out for adorable prints and styles which are great for your own children, birthday, baby shower or other gifts.

Using our promo code:  SDS19BUNKER you get 15% off + free shipping and the best part is 15% is also donated back to Bunker Hill!  SHARE THE CODE TO BENEFIT OUR SCHOOL!!


It’s almost that time…

Join us TOMORROW for Open House Play Time and Enrollment!  (first come, first served)

February 9, starting 9a.m. -11a.m.

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