Virtual Tour of our outdoor space

Check out our Outdoor Space here:


For those who prefer to stay home check out our Bunker Home offerings:

Banana Screens meet 3x weekly online M,W,F 10a.m. for 40minutes of interactive class time, sharing and a weekly Sticky Packet for pickup with crafts and activities that coordinate with the online themes.  Parent groups meet virtually monthly with parent ed topics led by our expert teachers and virtual speakers… and more!


Welcome to Bunker Home, Something for Everyone!

Distance Learning, Virtual Play Groups, At-home learning, you’ve heard it all…

We call it Bunker Home, which is a new dimension of our cooperative community that we’ve added in response to Covid-19.  We wanted to offer ourselves in different forms to meet the needs of all families during this challenging time.

Banana Screens Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 8.29.29 PM

Banana screens are a virtual group of children that meet and are led through interactive activities and adventures by our Preschool Teachers 3x/ week for 40 minutes each, no matter where you are!

Each week the child will receive a teacher curated Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 7.31.51 AM PACKET for pick-up that contains activities, art, sensory or other experiences that link to the Banana Screens theme(s) of the week.

Monthly Membership meetings with Teacher or Professional-led Parent Education topics (via teleconference)

Optional monthly parent group meeting (via teleconference)

Optional in-person distanced, parent participation hikes with children.

Parents have a small school job that can be completed off-site, Parents also contribute ideas and projects that enhance the curriculum.

Tuition is $300/month per student.


Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 7.31.51 AM Packets are also available for subscription:

If you’d like an adjunct to in-person classes

If you prefer no screens and are looking for hands-on activities you can enjoy together.

Packets are weekly $25 each, billed monthly

We still have select spaces available in some of our in-person classes, contact  Small groups, 1 teacher per group, masks, airplane arms, bubbles… 🙂

Pizza Party TONIGHT!!

Who: YOU!

What:  Rise Pizzeria in Burlingame 650-235-9715

Where:  Your House

Why:  To Benefit Bunker Hill Parent Participation Nursery School, mention us when ordering.

Thank you Members, Friends, Family, Alumni, Strangers, A portion of the proceeds will be returned to us.