Teacher Vanessa

Vanessa DeGrazia-Nielsen has been working in the early childhood education field for nearly 20 years. She earned a B.A. in Child & Adolescent Development through San Francisco State University, and gained experience as a Preschool Teacher for several years before helping families of young children through the Head Start program as a Family Service Worker and later as a Disabilities Assistant. Vanessa has also been employed with the regional center as a Counselor to assist families and children with disabilities through case management services.

Vanessa is married with two young children and loves to be creative, cook, bake, hike, explore, go on adventures, and spend time with her extended family. She started working at Bunker Hill when her son was enrolled and is excited to continue her journey working with and learning from young children and families.

I love being around preschoolers and learning to see the world through their eyes. I believe young children learn through fun, hands-on experiences and hope to bring a nurturing, playful, and exciting element to children’s development through play. I also enjoy supporting other parents and being part of such an enriching community that is a co-op.

A note from Teacher Vanessa

Teacher Beau

Beau began her work with children in High school through her love of sports. Since she was very involved in multiple sports she would volunteer at volleyball and basketball camps for children ages 5-12. This definitely grew her love for working with children. From there, Beau worked as a Nanny for multiple families and expanded her work with children and her education at Sonoma State University where she graduated with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education.

I love working with children because I truly believe being able to watch and influence a child’s growth and development is one of the most gratifying privileges, and helped me realize how rewarding a career in Early Childhood Education could be.

A note from Teacher Beau

Teacher Sarah

Sarah has a background in design and enjoys crafting of many kids. She is also Bunker Hill alumni, she spent the past 6 years co-oping with her two children embracing the Bunker Hill spirit and developing a passion for working with children and now wants to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education.

I believe children benefit from a connection to nature and Bunker Hill is a perfect place to experience it. I also love the sense of community at Bunker Hill and how much we can learn from each other.

A note from Teacher Sarah


Sticky the Banana Slug

Meet Sticky, Bunker Hill’s beloved banana slug mascot! Sticky is often found while hiking in the 93 acre woods at the back of campus. Children in our programs delight in identifying him and his relatives while hiking and learning about his natural habitat. He is famous for inspiring Bunker Hill’s motto, where sticky friends are quickly made, which is also a reference to the sticky fun children experience with a variety of mediums, including slime! Sticky is lovingly embraced by the community in song, art projects, and slug references throughout the school including Bananagrams, Banana Screens, Sticky Notes and Sticky Packets!