Teacher Marisa

Teacher Marisa has been an Early Childhood educator for 20 years. Working with preschoolers is her passion, and she recognizes that the parent/guardian partnership is what makes it most successful.  Her experience comes from working as a lead preschool teacher and coordinator for 14 years and a director for 6 years in programs that support hands-on, play-based learning with a parent participation component.  Teacher Marisa takes pride in keeping current with research and teaching trends in the field and strives to incorporate new ideas into the curriculum whenever possible. She holds a Master of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from California State University East Bay and a Director credential from the state of CA.

Teacher Marisa loves spending time with her husband and their three children exploring walking and biking trails around the bay area, she enjoys trying out new gluten-free baking recipes, and of course hanging out with her mischievous yellow Lab named Luna.  

Teacher Sarah

Teacher Sarah has a background in design and enjoys crafting of many kids. She is also Bunker Hill alumni, she spent the past 6 years co-oping with her two children embracing the Bunker Hill spirit and developing a passion for working with children and now wants to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education.

I believe children benefit from a connection to nature and Bunker Hill is a perfect place to experience it. I also love the sense of community at Bunker Hill and how much we can learn from each other.

A note from Teacher Sarah

Teacher Lexi

Teacher Lexi is currently studying at Sonoma State University. She is going to graduate in December with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Early Childhood Studies. She hopes to further her education and obtain her Master Teacher certification while teaching at Bunker Hill. Her passion for working with young children started in high school when she took child development classes and volunteered at a child development center. Lexi has experience working with children ranging from infancy to preschool in school and home settings.

She loves supporting children to create positive experiences through play and exploration of the outdoors. Lexi is so excited to form relationships with parents and work together to bring messes, problem solving, and curiosity to 3Day! When Lexi is not at school, she enjoys doing yoga, exploring new places, and spending time with her friends and family, especially her infant niece. She lives with her parents and senior cat, Widget, in San Mateo.

Teacher Laura

 Teacher Laura has been working with young children for over 25 years. As an Early Childhood educator she has worked with typically developing children and children with Special Needs in inclusive settings as well as a Special Day Class. She’s received her ECE education through the San Mateo County Community College system and has attended numerous trainings and teaching conferences throughout the years. For Teacher Laura, being a teacher and making those important connections with children and families has always been a sincerely rewarding part of her career.

She loves spending time with her husband, two grown children and her dogs. They have a cabin in the Sierras where they spend time together as often as they can. She enjoys walking local trails, gardening and floral design. She is also a big baseball fan- Go Giants!!


Sticky the Banana Slug

Meet Sticky, Bunker Hill’s beloved banana slug mascot! Sticky is often found while hiking in the 93 acre woods at the back of campus. Children in our programs delight in identifying him and his relatives while hiking and learning about his natural habitat. He is famous for inspiring Bunker Hill’s motto, where sticky friends are quickly made, which is also a reference to the sticky fun children experience with a variety of mediums, including slime! Sticky is lovingly embraced by the community in song, art projects, and slug references throughout the school including Bananagrams, Banana Screens, Sticky Notes and Sticky Packets!