The Outdoor Classroom

The outdoor classroom at Bunker Hill needs very little description.  Over the years, the teaching parents and staff at Bunker Hill have given a tremendous amount of thought to everything necessary to create a rich natural learning environment.  From a track for tricycles, to an organic garden, to a fantasy playhouse, to an outdoor kitchen, to flowing river and lastly, to a giant mud pit – Bunker Hill kids know that being outside is fun!  The possibilities for creation and exploration in the play yard are endless.  On any given day, the children can be found creating banking soda volcanos with the teachers to organizing a city, to running a “bakery” in the outdoor kitchen to simply painting the fence.  As in the classroom, the play yard is stocked with supplies.  Teaching parents are encouraged to work with the children, following their lead, through a variety of messy, play based activities.  The yard is the perfect way to get messy, explore nature and have fun!

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