Inside the Classroom – The Discovery Room

The Discovery Room at Bunker Hill is a quieter space.  In contrast to the playful activity of the Big Room, here the children are encouraged to create, write and explore in a multitude of learning environments.


Puppet shows are a daily occurrence at Bunker Hill.  The younger students are often delighted by a show put on by a teaching parent, whereas the older 3-Day and Pre-K children allow their minds to wander as they create and laugh with silly puppet friends.


Bunker Hill teaches children to explore the world around them with their senses.  No area of the school is off-limits to full sensory experiences.  Each morning before class, the teachers take great care in preparing learning experiences for the children.  On this day, a table was covered with sand and the children were given rollers, scrapers and other tools in which to draw lines and patterns in the sand.  As a teaching parent, you can help the children create patterns or work with them on shapes and sizes, the possibilities are limitless!


Rolling patterns in the sand is a great way to foster recognition of shapes and patterns!  And its fun!


Light boxes are perfect stacking blocks and tiles.  The children can really see their designs illuminated and in 3D!


The Literacy Center allows children create stories, books and cards using a variety of materials.  The literacy center is an important learning tool because it teaches the children that the written word and pictures are important.  They familiarize themselves with the fact that stories have a beginning, middle and end.  As well, the children are using their imaginations to tell stories in a way that is important to them.  Items created in the literacy center and are often shared with the class at circle time.  As a teaching parent in this area, it is a great area to quietly bond with a quieter child and assist them with making a card or story for their parents.  Its a great opportunity to see little minds hard at work expressing their feelings and using their imaginations.


In the discovery room, the walls are lined with bins of different matching, sorting, counting and building games.  Colorful pictures allow the children to self select their favorite activity.


Its not all hard work in the Discovery Room!  There are fish to feed, toys to be played with and books to be read!