Inside the Classroom – The Big Room

The Big Room at Bunker Hill is the first room that the children enter each day.  Throughout the room, the children have a wonderful variety of activities to self select from.  Some children love to stay in the play kitchen area which usually starts with a tea party amongst a group of children and then can change into a variety of activities from there – a general store, a science experiment or a sensory experience as sand or rice, or any other sensory object is brought into the area.  The teaching parent in this area follows the children’s lead by suggesting different objects or play patterns the children can utilize in their play.


Shopping carts are critical for groceries as well as a mode to transport a variety of objects around the classroom!


A new play kitchen really inspires the children to create, mix and dream!


These brooms and dust pans are a hot item at Bunker Hill!  The children love being in the action.  Working as the teaching parents do and assisting with clean-up.  This may be the only time you see these brooms not in the hands of child!


Other children like to start their day in the dress up area.  Many of children at Bunker Hill have a favorite costume that they love to wear at Bunker Hill.  The costumes at Bunker Hill would suit any child – from community helpers to princesses to cowboys, Bunker Hill has it all!


As a teaching parent, it is always a delight to assist a child with his her transformation into the character of their dreams!


The area under the loft is imagination central. On any given day, it can be a fort, a playhouse, a general store or a hospital – just to name of few!



Each day, the sensory bin is filled with a variety of different materials.  Bunker Hill teachers utilize the sensory bin to engage children both with touch and exploration, but also with sight, sound and smell.  The children are always excited to see what is in the bin and what games they will be able to play!


Inside the classroom the child are allowed to be just as active as they may be outside.  Large building blocks allow the children to create forts, houses and even an activity track.  The teaching parent in this area can follow the children’s lead by helping them to create structures to climb on, around and through.   The open space in this area is perfect for a larger activity – even hula hooping!


Music is so important to all children.  In addition to the group songs and music at circle time, the children have access to a variety of musical instruments at Bunker Hill.  Teaching parents are regularly treated to an impromptu concert in the Big Room.  All classes also have a music teacher that visits the class on a monthly basis.  The children really look forward to music class days!

DSC_5575The walls of the Big Room are lined with different toys and sensory activities.  While the children all certainly have their favorites, the bright pictures really spur their imaginations!  The teaching parent in this area is invited to bring out different objects each day, just in case the children are looking for a little inspiration!