Inside the Classroom – The Art Room

Art and self-expression are incredibly important at Bunker Hill.  One of the many amazing things at Bunker Hill is the vast amount of art resources there are at the school and how much the children are encouraged to create, explore and play with art.  As a teaching parent in the art room, you will work with the children to create art according to a project setup by the teachers before class each day.  In addition, you will have access to all of the art supplies, and should a child’s imagination lead them in a different direction on a certain project you will have the tools at hand to follow the child’s lead!


There are four easels in the art room, and they are always in use!


The children love to see their art displayed throughout the classroom! The free standing easels are often the space for collaboration as well, given that many children can work on the same painting!


Bins filled with art supplies line the walls.  Both the children and teaching parents are encouraged to utilize all materials in creating art.


The natural surroundings at Bunker Hill are a great medium for bringing nature and art together.


The children delight in giving nature their own special touch!  Glitter is an important natural enhancement!


Mess is another reason your child will love Bunker Hill!  Throughout the school and certainly in the art room, the children are encouraged to get messy!  Whether through cans of shaving cream, heaps of glitter or the joy of squeezing glue – Bunker Hill kids get messy with art!  Teaching parents know that clean up at Bunker Hill is a breeze – not like at home!


Art lines the walls of the school and fills the children’s cubbies!  Even the children who are not that interested in art find that they cannot resist the opportunity to “play” in the water, paint, glue or foam.


Lastly, art is an important part of the curriculum.  The projects set out by the teachers correlate to the day’s lessons, and are just one more step in a multi-sensory learning process.