Inside the Classroom – Circle Time

Circle time is one of the most important times at Bunker Hill.  Each day, the children look forward to coming together to share stories, sing songs and read books on the circle time rug.  Circle time is important for the teaching parents as well.  It is the part of the day, where we get to come together too and share in the children’s delight.  Often, the teaching parents will find many children wanting to share their laps for a particular story or song.  It provides everyone working with a wonderful sense of community.


The children know the circle time rug!  When they are not trying to sit as close to the teachers as possible – they love looking for a favorite color or shape to sit on!


Caring for the children’s needs is important too.  Bean bags, rocking chairs and special hideouts allow children to select a viewing spot based on their emotional needs.  All children are gently encouraged to join the circle, but the teachers respect that some children like to hang back and observe before jumping in.


Reading books is certainly a delight, but the teachers utilize a number of different resources to fully engage all children during circle time.  The children adore placing felt characters on the felt board as the story is being read aloud.  They also love listening to books on cd.  Circle time is truly a time for learning and community love – perfect for the teachers, children and teaching parents alike!