Parent of a Pre-K Child and a First Grader (current and alumni) says:
Bunker Hill has had a tremendous impact on my son.  His teacher reports that he is able to solve his own social problems, that he is a self motivated learner, and that he is inclusive and kind to all of the other children in his class.  The wonderful teachers and parents at Bunker Hill helped him develop those skills by specifically focusing on social and emotional development.

Parent of a 2 day child (current) says:
My daughter looks forward to Tuesday and Thursdays at Bunker Hill and is constantly talking about it.  We are only halfway through the year but she has learned so much about how to manage frustration and handle conflict with her classmates that I am amazed.  The other day I heard her, unprompted by an adult, discussing with a friend how they planned to take turns with a toy and how i t would all work out.  I was just stunned. Emotional Intelligence is so important and I am so thrilled to be in a school that is growing hers!

Parent of a Pre-K Child and a First Grader (current and alumni) says:
My first-grader’s teachers and principal have been continually impressed by his enthusiasm for learning, social and emotional maturity, as well as academic achievement.  My son is excelling in all areas in school and we have the wonderful community of Bunker Hill to thank for much of that!
While Bunker Hill definitely prepares kids academically for Kindergarten, it more importantly teaches our children life skills that will ensure their success in Kindergarten and beyond; the wonderful teachers and parents at Bunker Hill help children to develop problem-solving skills, handle their emotions in positive ways, and pursue their interests through an “emergent curriculum”.  Bunker Hill makes learning fun!

Parent of a 2 day child and a First Grader (current and alumni) says:
My favorite moment in my daughter’s time at Bunker Hill happened in the last week of her Pre-K year, when Kelly Bower, the class’s amazing teacher, asked the students what they had learned in their time at Bunker Hill. My daughter’s response was that she had learned “how to include people.” I was thrilled. I knew that academics wouldn’t be a problem when the appropriate time came (she’s in first grade now and is doing great), but I wanted to make sure her preschool experience would teach her the foundations for knowing herself and getting along well with others. Bunker Hill did exactly that, with a lot of paint, glitter, shaving cream, mud, sand, and walks in the woods.