Parent Participation

Our school is a cooperative nursery school. Along with the teacher, the parents are the staff.

Participating on your work day gives tremendous benefits such as…

    • You are directly involved in your child’s first school experience and participate in your child’s education giving you a better feel for how your child learns and interacts with others.
    • You have a chance to observe, celebrate and enjoy those the early years of your child’s education and recognize that parents are the most important teachers a child will have.
    • You learn from parents, teachers, and other children right along with your child.
    • You increase your understanding of the developmental needs of children and learn parenting techniques for handling children at school and at home.
    • You will help your child to build a great foundation of respect and cooperation between parent and child
    • Your child will be assured a high adult-to-child ratio, meaning lots of helping hands and individual attention for each child
    • You receive lots of support and information from early childhood professionals.
    • You are given a strong and direct voice in decisions and policy-making
    • You will meet your child’s friends–when your child comes home and talks about whom they play with during the day, you will be able to interact on a deeper level.
    • You will be a part of an exceptional community, make connections, and share experiences and concerns with parents just like you!