Emergent Curriculum and a Natural Setting Equal Joyful Learning!

If you haven’t been to visit Bunker Hill Nursery School yet, then you are in for a treat!  Nestled in the San Mateo Highlands, Bunker Hill is the perfect setting for exploring the natural world in a safe, joyful and emergent way!


 Solid, old fashioned tire swings greet the children hello and bid them a fond farewell at the beginning and end of every school day.


In addition to the incredible play yard and classrooms at Bunker Hill, the school is fortunate enough to back up to protected open land in the San Mateo Highlands.  Throughout the year, the children will take many nature walks through the “Bubble Gum” meadow and into the forest where a trail of glitter will lead them to a perfect area for a mid-morning snack!


Bunker Hill is surrounded by nature.  From the view from the classrooms, to the walk to the play yard – Bunker Hill students have every opportunity to interact with the natural surroundings.  Nearly every day, the children find banana slugs, bunny rabbits and deer – and that’s just on the walk to and from the yard!


 The quiet, woodsy environment allows the children and teachers to focus on learning and fun!